SAP Activate methodology phases

SAP Activate Phases: Step-by-step

SAP Activate methodology provides a complete roadmap for the simplified deployment of SAP S/4HANA.

DISCOVER Roadmap, the roadmap starts by guiding customers through an exploration phase for SAP S/4HANA using a trial version.

Customers can try out the SAP Fiori user experience across many preconfigured business scenarios.

Next, customers PREPARE and set up their own private model company, so they can fully explore the functions and processes.

The setup of the model company is very fast as it is populated with sample master data and transactions, and is configured for best practices.

In the EXPLORE phase, using the model company, we guide customers through a fit/gap analysis to identify what needs to be done to adapt the system to the exact requirements of the customer.

In the REALIZE phase, customers are guided through Best Practices integration with business networks, such as SAP Ariba, and cloud-based applications, such as SAP SuccessFactors.

This phase also guides customers through data migration, customization, and extensions, all following SAP Best Practices.

The DEPLOY phase ensures customers cover all the key areas of preparation for go-live, including user readiness facilitated by SAP Learning Hub, which is the SAP cloud-based training solution.

Finally, we ensure customers are fully ready for the continuous operation and optimization of their solution, using SAP Best Practices for monitoring and support.

The RUN phase represents the deliverables and tasks to run and operate the SAP solution. 

This was a brief introduction to SAP Activate phases 


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